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The Garden Tomb News and Prayer Update:

  • Over the past 2 weeks there have been a number of violent incidents around East Jerusalem and in the West Bank.  Tensions are high, with an increase in clashes between Muslims and security forces, particularly on and around the Temple Mount.

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: for all who live and work here, and for the thousands of visitors who come to Jerusalem every day from around the world.

Please join us in giving thanks for:

  • Lives changed and enriched by their visit to the garden. Fewer visitors during the summer months mean more opportunities for us to talk to individuals and family groups.
  • Our team of local and international staff and volunteers who serve visitors from all over the world.
  • The wonderful team of tradesmen who are on-site every day carrying out renovation work to the Garden Tomb bookshop. (We aim to re-open the shop at the beginning of September)

Please pray for:

  • Safety in and around the Garden Tomb.
  • Transformed lives, as people encounter the Risen Christ on their tour the garden, view Skull Hill, and enter the Empty Tomb.
  • The Garden Tomb management team: Stephen Bridge (Director), Phillip Ben Shmuel (Operations Manager) and Chin-Won Lee (Business Manager).
  • Health, strength and Holy Spirit power for our team of Guides as they lead people around the garden, sharing their faith and explaining the good news of the Messiah’s death and resurrection to the visitors; and also for our Shop and Reception staff as they welcome people on arrival, and serve them as they leave.
  • The Gardeners, Housekeepers, Cleaners and Maintenance staff, who do such a great job in maintaining the beauty and safety of the Garden Tomb site; and for the Administrators who work behind the scenes to make sure the ministry runs smoothly..
  • Completion of the shop renovation before the start of the busy autumn season
  • The Trustees, as they continue to oversee the Ministry of the Garden Tomb
  • Financial resources to meet every need.

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